Join the 200 Club

At Torridge & West Devon Conservatives we would like to invite all members and supporters to participate in the Association’s 200 Club Prize Draw.

What is the 200 Club?

The 200 Club is a monthly raffle that is open to party members and supporters.

We launched the revamped 200 Club in October 2019 with the first draw scheduled for November 2019.

Draw numbers are £5.00 each and there is no limit to the amount of numbers you may hold.

Numbers are randomly drawn. Payment is monthly by Standing Order. Payment by cheque can only be accepted for 6 or 12 monthly draws in advance only.

The Draw:

The draw is completed using an online randomiser and witnessed by two officers of the asociation. The prize fund will always be at least 50% of the total pool funds, distributed across three prizes.

Example: Based on a £400.00 pool from 160 subscribers :-

  • 1st Prize – £200.00
  • 2nd Prize – £180.00
  • 3rd Prize – £80.00

Winners will be notified by post or email if we have this on record. Payment of prizes will be made by cheque.

Please click on the attachment below and fill out the form, then return to the address at the bottom. Thank you! 

Remember, the more who join the greater the prizes!

print form, compete and return to address at bottom


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